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— If you find an abandoned house wouldn’t you want a sneak peek inside?

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There’s always time for adventure. And there’s only one way to conquer a derelict urban landscape. You only need a flashlight and daring.


In 1911 Roald Amundsen planted the flag at the South Pole

Planting a flag was a purely symbolic act of achievement. Roald Amundsen was the first man to lead a successful expedition to the South Pole. To us every our exploration is worth of planting a flag. With Urbanex Ninja you can plant your flag places which have been abandoned years or even decades. Take your own flag and join our adventure.


The new age of exploration

Urban exploration is exploring urban areas. It isn’t the scientific project or an organization. It’s more about the fact that private people are on the way to explore interesting areas of a city. Interesting means mainly areas, which do not appear in every city guide and belong to the official sights. Rather, it is the places that have fallen into oblivion and require a certain adventurousness in the exploration.


Your very unofficial travel guide

Urban Exploring’s buildings include abandoned buildings, primarily with industrial history, old sewers, underground shafts, connecting roads, bunkers, floodplains, mines, former hospitals or military facilities. But also the exploration of disused or inaccessible areas of still active places and buildings are part of the urban exploration.

Our spots

Urban exploration, to boldly go where no one wants to go anymore. Unknown areas around and below our cities are being uncovered and reclaimed by groups of urban explorers.

Exploring is waiting

Urban explorers around the Globe live for that special experience of getting off the tourist routes and creating their own unique travel adventure. All our videos and images are the result of a collaboration between urbex and curiosity. Travelling around Finland and Europe we find derelict and abandoned environments.

Urban exploring fascinates us for several reasons. One big attraction for us is that we’re able to witness and photograph a part of life that few people ever get to see, and one that expresses our culture. We feel this dilapidation, of man-made structures being re-claimed by nature, is innately beautiful.

Urban explore with Urbanex Ninja. We are Finnish Urban Exploration Team.

Our Articles, Their Stories

Our articles touches on some of the deeper, philosophical aspects of urbex as well as notes about how I post-process my images and the safety of visiting abandoned locations.

Our another reasons is the thrill of the Urban exploration itself and doing something not fully accepted by society. We never lost the childlike wonder we felt growing up with the likes of Indiana Jones. Going places you probably shouldn’t be going and sneaking around – all with good intentions to document the ruin, of course. The motto of urban explorers is to ”take only pictures and leave only footprints”.

Precautions depends on the location we’re visiting. We should have asbestos grade masks when we entering buildings without much airflow. Unfortunately masks are often forgotten in our trips. We also wear hiking shoes as there is often a lot of broken glass. Of course, we always carry torch, spare battery and phone


As with most risky pursuit, it’s usually better to explore with a friend. The ideal sized group is usually between 2 and 4 people. Solo trips are naturally more dangerous because there will likely not be anyone around should you become injured, and larger groups draw unwanted attention.

Background Research

We do not normally do background research before going to location. We find places just moving around and in many cases we don’t know what the place have been. Urban explorer should do some background research before going to a location so that they have an idea of the layout and structural hazards other explorers have noted. At the end, it is mostly a matter of common sense and knowing when to stop and return to starting point. Some explorers have died falling from the great heights after the ground has given away due to degraded concrete or rusted metal. It’s not alway possible to tell just by looking at a structure whether or not it is safe. There are also other danger like toxic substances etc.


There are certain parts of our adventures and particular locations that we find reluctant to make a point. We do consider the ramifications of documenting explorations and consider the amount of details we give, especially when writing about locations. On many occasions we’ve seen sites become vandalized after the location was made public on the web, so we don’t often share locations except between trusted friends.


We’re using the Sony RX100 and SJCam 5000 (action camera) at our trips. We where looking the right camera for quite some time. We snatched Sony RX100 up when the price was coming down. We wanted a system that could provide high quality pictures from a camera that was easy to use, compact and lightweight.

Our main point is not pictures. We try to create a story using images, videos and text. Our image processing is minimized. We do simple things like adjusting the contrast, saturation with filters. We do not try to make images to shine.

Plans For The Future

We have loads of traveling plans to go to all those international locations. We have been Chernobyl and seen some og the finest Mansion of Portugal. There are just so many ruins though. Perhaps somebody would like to sponsor us to document them?

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